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What does the water sportsman need a motor yacht for? It will use, as a home port, the City Sportboothafen e.V. in Hamburg. The editor is a member of the club and has a sport boat license. The training took place during the military service with the pioneers in Schleswig. Water School of the Heavy Schwimmbrücken Company 721. The company was later transferred to the Danube. The yacht is excellent for strictly confidential conversations. By chance I got to know a Bundeswehr-Oficer (ret.), who, like me, served his time in the Pioneers. In the course of the conversation we discovered to have detailed knowledge, which is generally known, even not in the military environment. The retired officer took part in the last TV exercise. Both the general conscription and the TV exercises were discontinued?

Grenzüberschreitende Spenden, wer kein Gewerbe angemeldet hat, erhält Spenden, vergleichbar mit Honorare für Leistungen. Diese global übliche Methode ist in der BRD Betrug, somit landen meine, für mich persönlich bestimmte Spenden, in schmutzige Hände.

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